Coming Spring

Photo gallery of new spring plantings, planting tips, and surviving pest control.

"Happiness is a journey, not a destination".

Annie's Project

Twin Silos Farmstead

The farm was purchased in the summer of 2007, since that time there have been many renovations to the homestead including a complete remodel of the home. This remodel is still under construction and due to be completed spring 2011. During the renovation it was discovered that the original portion of the home was built with "type b" square cut nails, circa 1820-1900. This portion of the home was preserved and new construction now surrounds it. Through research at Monticello's City Hall recorder’s office it was discovered that the first owners of the farm dated back to 1824.

Historical Barn

Twin Silos barn and concrete silos are known throughout our area by local residents. It was featured in the "Monticello Historical Barn Tour" route in 2008. The barn was built in the old wood peg construction style and designed to last. The locals have told stories of it being both a working cattle and later a horse barn. The concrete silos were added at a later date believed to be around 1920. Evidence of the silos later construction period is in the building materials and relative placement of the hay loft doors over the main barn door. Renovations to the barn are scheduled to take place in 2011.

Breathing New Life

Starting in the spring of 2011, Twin Silos Farm will begin planting for its renewed mission to become an organic pumpkin, vegetable, fruit and berry farm. Until certification is possible we will follow organic farming practices. The farm presently consists of 17 acres, 16 acres in hay and alfalfa. The farm will begin its transition with a few acres in pumpkins, squashes and other fresh vegetables this coming year. We will follow with fruit trees and berries. Watch for our fresh produce available soon.


All Images © Twin Silos Farm/Terry Neutz Hayden